Engraved Identification Tags

Pet ID tags are a common sight these days, but their purpose is more than just decoration - it's a legal requirement.

The Control of Dogs Order 1992 states "Any dog in a public place should wear the name and address of the owner either inscribed on the collar or a name plate or disc attached to it"


The reasoning behind this is simple - if your pet gets lost, there will be a way to re-unite you with your beloved pet. With over 2.5 million pets reported missing in the past five years, why take the risk?


As a minimum, you should include your surname, first line of your address, and postcode on one side of the tag. This is all that is required to ensure your Dog Tag complies with UK law.


If purchasing a larger tag (such as 30mm or 38mm), we recommend also including a contact telephone number, although this is not a requirement.