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   - The BOSS
   - Deputy Dog 
   - Treat Holder
   - Poo Picker
   - Picture Taker

The Kera Pets Brand

Kera Pets has emerged as result of us rather unsuccessfully trying to find good quality, stylish collars and leads for our own dogs, that were both practical and reasonably priced.  We found that while there are lots of luxury dog collars and leads available, they are generally either a bit too plain or a little too over the top, as well as being impractical and most often overly expensive. 


The Kera brand is developing as a modern alternative to the more traditional or flamboyant luxury dog apparel market, offering a fresh contemporary approach and designs that look great and are both affordable and practical.


We work with a small number of UK and international manufactures to design and produce our own products, which are already being sold in the UK, USA, Canada & Europe.

Our mission for the Kera brand is to become the 'go-to' for quality pet products. We hope to be 'the shop' for the loyal customer who knows they will always get the best communication with their queries and that their orders are packaged and shipped with the greatest care. 


We hope you love our products and would love you to be part of this exciting journey with us as customers, advocates and friends. Please do take a few minutes to subscribe to our website to become part of the Kera Pets family, and let us know how we're doing below!

Reviews really help our small business grow, leave us a review to let us know how we did and if you love your products!
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