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We specialise in luxury dog collars for the more discerning pet owner for whom, quality, value and style count.  

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Supple leather collars in gorgeous, vibrant colours. 
Crafted with quality materials & your dogs comfort in mind.

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Whether they are out in the field or out with you for coffee, keep them looking trim whilst still being practical.

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Kera Pets are proud sponsors of Put Your Paws Up UK,

lead by Jeanna Gwilliams and supported by her incredible Dogs & Cats! Jeanna started Put Your Paws Up UK in 2016 offering Dog Training, Walking and House Sitting. Though she no longer offers walking or house sitting, Put Your Paws Up UK showcases a wide portfolio of positive dog training & media work, travelling across the UK shooting successful advertisements for prominent brands. With her greatest achievements including GCDS Special Preginner Winner at Crufts, Preginner Obedience Champion and TOP PUPPY IN BREED. 

Jeanna’s Dogs on the left, named from left to right - Twist, Dora, Jinty, Zen, Kheva, Harper, Sunday & Rumour! In nearly ten years of dog ownership, Jeanna Gwilliam still competes in Obedience and agility and has trained and competed in many dog sports including:

  • BFA Flyball

  • KC Obedience

  • BCOS Obedience

  • KC Agility

  • UKA Agility

  • Dock Diving

You can find Jeanna and her dogs at



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