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Double Sided Wooden Pet Brush

Double Sided Wooden Pet Brush


Double Sided Wooden Dog Grooming Brush which can be used as a Dog Hair Remover, before OR after the bath. This magical brush has a sturdy, non-slip handle, is durable, easy to use and clean. Store this nifty bursh anywhere or hang using the reinforced hanging hole.


  • On one side of the wooden brush, there are Black "Bristles" which helps brushing away the lose hair and dust, detangles hair and distributes essential oil
  • On the other side of the groom brush, there are "Rounded Pins" which helps in daily combing, gentle massage, collects the detangled or lose hair and deep cleaning. This side of the brush has a breathable cushioned base which does not hurt your pet's skin and keeps your pet calm in case of any extra pressure applied.
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