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Fur Comb with Grip / Flea Comb

Fur Comb with Grip / Flea Comb

  • This flea comb is great for pet owners wanting to remove fleas, dirt and other insects from your pets coat. The fine comb teeth are strong making it easy to brush your cat or dog to thoroughly clean them and remove fleas and other insects. The comb has a comfortable handle which makes the grooming experience easier.


  • The flea comb is approx 10cm tall and with 2 comb grade options. 'Fine' is the preferred size for flea and bug removal. 'Course' is ideal for grooming use on the short haired dog.


  • This comb has a grip handle, where other flea combs are uncomfortable to hold and use. There are ergonomic plastic spots on the handle to help with your grip and hold whilst trying to comb your pets which often don't want to be groomed.


  • The handle has a small whole on the bottom since we have found that a lot of our customers want to hang the comb next to their pet items. The comb is light and can easily be fit into a draw, plastic bag if dirty and handbag or bag if you are travelling.


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