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Kera Rebel

Kera Rebel


Kera Rebel truly provides the wow factor, with its enchanting brass-nugget encrusted design.  


This durable superior quality leather collar is studded with solid brass nuggets and has a matching buckle fastener and two D-rings, providing a very distinguished look that is sure to make a lasting impression. 


Available in a size small: 32 - 43cm


Kera Desire is available in: Chocolate


Key Features:


  • Superior Quality Genuine Buff Leather
  • Stylish Heavy Duty Brass Buckle and Double D-ring
  • Brass-nugget Encrust Distinguished Design
  • Strong and Durable – Suitable for Small to Giant Breeds


Kera Product Care:


This is a genuine leather product and so may contain natural markings or slight imperfections.  


It is strongly recommended that you treat this product with leather protection waterproofing spray, beeswax or dubbing to prevent water impregnation and to maintain its appearance. All leather products may discolour and shrink/stretch if drenched in water.


To clean wipe with a soft moist cloth and blot with soft absorbent paper. Apply a small amount of neutral shoe polish or dubbing to keep leather supple and looking its best.

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