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Vertically Cut Red Deer Antler

Vertically Cut Red Deer Antler


Ethically sourced Red Deer antlers from the Scottish Highlands, delivered to your door! A chew that gives your pup hours of entertainment and is beneficial to their dental health. The vertically cut antler makes getting to the 'good bit' as easy as ever for you dog! A prefered option for older dogs whose teeth may be weaker! 


Why antlers make such good chews / toys :


. All natural chews, no plastic packaging and no nasty chemicals!  

. Deer shed and regrow their antlers once a year – Our antlers are collected harmlessly from the Scottish Highlands. 

. The natural smell of these chews is appealing to dogs and stimulates their natural senses.

. Theses chews are tough and long lasting, giving your pup hours of entertainment.


Periods of chewing help to clean your dogs mouth - the mechanical action of the chews rubbing against their teeth, removes plaque and tartar. If given to your dog routinely, their teeth and gums will strengthen and the bone marrow will enforce a strong and healthy immune system.



Small : 5 inch

Large : 10 inch


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