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Stay Safe Smart Bottle

Stay Safe Smart Bottle


KERA PETS Stay Safe Smart Bottle - For sanitization on the go.


Includes two carabiners so you can clip this nifty bottle where ever most convenient -  your Kera dog lead, your bag or belt buckle - Keep your hand sanitizer to hand with this 30ml Kera Smart Bottle. 


When responsibily using a poo bag, it can be a common occurance that a little mess may touch your hand. We all know the disgust when this happens.

But now you can have a handy clean up clipped onto your dogs lead for such an accident. Never worry about rubbing off on your clothes again!


As well as this, Covid-19 has meant that we are washing our hands more often then ever, and sometimes its easy to forget. And so with this in mind, we made this product so easy to use you won't need to remember to pick it up everryyy time you step over your front door!

Simply clip to your bag or belt buckle, and leave it there for next time. Use over and over again, and just fill up when running low!


Does not come full. 

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