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Give a dog a bone

With a restock of our Antler Bone Chews we wanted to talk to you about the benefits of a natural chew for your dog, and the things to look out for once you have it! Also spy the list of the nutrients and vitamins Deer Antler Bones provide at the bottom.

Let’s start at the very beginning

Throw your brain down memory lane and think back to the time when your pup had just come home. A joyous day I’m sure, life couldn’t be sweeter than in those first few weeks. Or perhaps you’re in this prime puppy time as you read this… As your pup grows you will start to find that your chairs and cabinets have been mysteriously vandalised, and you soon find that a mysterious someone has saved you from the shoes that trap your feet - in fact they’ve done such a thorough job that your favourite trainers can be found in small pieces around the house, scattered, in order to show the other shoes what’s in store for them!

Though I’m sure they had very good intentions, your pup may very well be the culprit to this tomfoolery. As they’re teeth grow your pup cannot fight the natural instinct to chew anything and everything. So, finding an alternative object to chew becomes a number one priority. Of course, you can run into any old pet shop and find some rubber toy that claims it will save your furniture, but from personal experience, pups get bored of rubber toys within a matter of days (not to mention they aren’t the most attractive or sustainable of things). Encouraging your puppy onto a Deer Antler Chew will be a weight off your mind. To your dog this is like what an ice-cream Sunday is to us, just delicious, fun and a good way to spend an afternoon. That, combined with the positive reinforcement they receive for chewing on the antler instead of the disappointment they receive when they tear apart your belongings, will quickly teach them to choose the antlers every time.

Out of the chewing phase

If you no longer suffer from the detrimental destruction of the ‘chewing phase’, your dog may still be grateful for the best snack of their life. Many dog owners don’t know or don’t realise, that dogs can suffer from boredom. As with humans, repetition and a lack of stimulus for the brain can make your dog bored – and a bored dog can act out, or, possibly worse, will consistently beg you for your attention! Now we aren’t blaming anyone, owners have to work, and despite the majority of us now working from home, it’s not as fun as our pups might have imagined.

“Why do they stare at the light box all day when I’m the light of their life, the axis around which they spin?” ask our dogs.

A Deer Bone Antler provides mental stimulation and exercise for dogs – and if your pup is anything like ours, most toys bought for the spirited dog will be torn to shreds within a matter of days. Whereas the tough nature of the antler defeats your pup in this field - proving to give them hours of positive entertainment.

Training and taking the right precautions

If your dog takes to the chews like, well, a dog to a bone, then mission success. But don’t get me wrong, antlers have their faults. When first introducing an antler chew it’s wise, and we encourage you, to stay with your pup. Antlers are grown as a defence mechanism for a much larger animal and will surely be a lot stronger than your dog’s teeth. So, ensuring that your pup isn’t too overwhelmed with excitement to get to the centre, and is happy to take their time working away at it, they will be fine. An overly enthusiastic dog may break a tooth in their excitement. If you have a young pup or an elderly dog and you worry about the strength of their teeth, take a look into the smaller bones and those that are cut in half - These will reduce the strain on the teeth and give easy access to the ‘oh so scrumptious’ bit. And if you still aren’t sure if it’s the best option, the next time you go to your vet, just ask! A pig ear or rawhide chew may suit your dog better!

When introducing raw meat/bones into your dog’s diet, do so slowly. A sudden intake of new nutrients can cause short-term upset to your dog’s digestive system. Start with just 5 minutes, and increase daily. Slowly adjusting the bacteria in their stomach. This practice of prematurely taking away their bone also gives way to good training:

By removing their bone, you are training their temperament and self-control. Many puppies may initially growl when food is removed. This doesn’t make them bad dogs; just normal dogs! However, your puppy must learn that growling doesn’t work, so if they do growl, the result is they immediately lose the bone. When they stop growling, praise them, back up, have them sit and lie down, and then return the bone.

Once your dog has got everything they can out of the antler and it becomes small enough to swallow, it’s time to replace it – But relax, you won’t have to do this for weeks!

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Know what your pup is eating

A quick list of the minerals and goodies your dog will be consuming with one of our Deer Bone Antlers.

1. Calcium helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth, it also assists with blood clotting and the transportation of oxygen.

2. Chondroitin Sulfate reduces cholesterol, it is also beneficial in the treatment of osteoarthritis as well as bone fractures.

3. Collagen is an important structural protein in the body and is found in our bones, tendons, cartilage and ligaments.

4. Copperis is required for the maintenance and development of our red blood cells, bones and nerves.

5. Glucosamine Sulfate acts to ease pain and inflammation additionally it helps rebuild damaged cartilage.

6. Iron works hard to transport oxygen within red blood cells.

7. Keratan Sulfate helps to restore and repair cartilage.

8. Magnesium works along with calcium to develop bones and assists in metabolic reactions.

9. Zinc keeps skin healthy, heals wounds and burns, and also supports the immune system.

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