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How to keep your pooch busy during isolation!

We’re all a little worried about going mad during lockdown, but what about our pups? Here are some ideas to keep them (and you) entertained whilst we’re stuck at home.

Treasure Hunt

Dogs love nothing more than hunting down treasure – whether it be a treat or something rather suspicious in a bush...! For this game, you will need to:

1. Hide their favourite treats, or even some of their regular food around your home or garden.

2. Call your pup and encourage them to hunt out the ‘treasure’! They will go crazy for this game, which engages their natural hunting instincts

3. For those with a real hunters’ nose, you can even hide your treasure inside cardboard tubes (such as those leftover from the bathroom or kitchen), or conceal them under leaves!

Teach an old dog new tricks…

This a great way to keep your dog learning! Re-learn some tricks that are a bit rusty or teach them new ones like ‘Shake a paw’ or ‘play dead’!

Here are some YouTube clips to show you how to practise for your inevitable appearance on Crufts after lockdown!:

· ‘Bang’ you’re dead:

· 10 easy tricks that are easier than you think!:

Trip to the salon

Well, the home-salon! Here are some tips and tricks for grooming your dog at from home:

1. Don’t give up if your pup is an escape-artist when it comes to bath-time! Encourage them with some treats and ensure you speak in a soothing, gentle tone so that they understand there is nothing to be frightened of.

2. Ensure that you are using a gentle shampoo on your dog’s coat – some dog shampoos are full of harsh chemicals which can irritate their skin. We love this one, which is gentle on your pup and full of calming ingredients, such as lavender and chamomile.

3. Use a brush or comb to protect your home from an additional carpet of dog hair! Most dogs will grow to love being brushed, as they get more attention from their humans– YAY! There are different types of brushes for different coats – this super helpful guide explains it all.


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